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Zeal Internships Malta Internships Malta is a multi-lingual Intermediary Organization in Malta that specializes in providing Higher Education Institutions and Organisations benefiting from EU grants for Mobility Programs such as Erasmus+, a one-stop-solution to make the participant’s internship experience in Malta a success. Zeal Internships Malta Internships Malta provides an array of personalised services and benefits, including:

Sourcing of a professional unpaid work placement
Regular communication and follow-up, monitor and evaluation of the participant’s progress
Provide documentation (learning agreement, Europass mobility and certificate of attendance)
Accommodation in shared self-catering properties, host families and hotels
Cultural Tours & Social Activities
24/7 assistance to the participants during the internship in Malta

Zeal Internships Malta is committed to make the participant’s internship experience in Malta a success!


Zeal Internships Malta Internships Malta provides the participant a professional work placement in the industry and sector desired in accordance with his/her line of studies. We do this by first understanding the participant’s requirements and desired learning outcomes, hence be able to match the participant to the company offering the most suitable work placement.


Knowing how much home life impacts on the success of the internship experience, Zeal Internships Malta takes great care in selecting the accommodation provided.

why malta

An Internship in Malta offers participants a unique opportunity to put theory into practice. Work to learn and learn to work in the real world, make contacts and improve their prospects for future jobs. A member of the European Union since the 1st May 2004, Malta has a strong economy with low unemployment therefore participants also have great job opportunities.