Where to get cash

The single currency in circulation in Malta is the Euro. Rough exchange rates (1 Euro): USD 1.12, GBP 0.74 and AUD 1.59 (September 2015).

Several banks (HSBC, BOV, APS and BNF Bank being the major ones) are located in the various localities and several ATMs are situated around commercial and tourist areas. Cards accepted are generally those connected to international networks Cirrus and Maestro and popularly used credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express are widely accepted (by banks and retail establishments alike).

This is where you can find ATMs of:

HSBC (Select either Branches of “Offsite Self Service Machines”)
BNF Bank
Looking to exchange currency? Most banks accept exchange and offer automatic currency exchange machines in popular tourist areas. You will also find companies like Fexserv that offer currency exchange at good rates. Local shops in tourist areas that accept foreign currency are logically going to give you less favourable rates.