Bus – Malta public transport

The tallinja card is an intelligent bus card designed to make it easy for you to use the bus. The card is personalised with your photo and name and can be topped up with credit easily online, over the phone, at any of our sales outlets or at any MaltaPost post office. Your credit will not expire.

When using your tallinja card you will benefit from cheaper fares than when you pay on the bus. Every time you board the bus simply touch the reader on the bus with your tallinja card. A fare for every journey will be deducted automatically from your available credit. It’s that easy and much quicker!

Bolt (Taxify)

Getting around in Malta has never been so easy! No matter where you are on the Island, count on Bolt to get there in minutes. With Bolt, you can find a ride at the tap of a button. Quick, cost efficient and convenient!

Bolt app is easy to use. All you have to do is to open the application, set your location to request a ride and watch your driver arrive on the map. You can pay for the trip in cash or through the app.

Ferries & Water Taxis

Many of the greatest adventures often start with a ferry ride – and where will yours take you?

Malta’s ferry and water taxi services are a great way to explore the beauty that the islands have to offer.

Below you will find a list of operators running ferry / water taxi services for the above routes.

There are also numerous operators running excursion trips around the Maltese Islands.