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Why Malta

A member of the European Union since the 1st May 2004, Malta has a strong economy with low unemployment therefore participants also have great job opportunities. The strength of the economy of Malta are its strategic location, being situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea at a crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, its fully developed open market economy, multilingual population (88% of Maltese people speak English), productive labour force, low corporate tax, and well developed finance and ICT clusters. Malta’s economy is dependent on foreign trade, manufacturing (especially electronics), tourism and financial services.
An Internship in Malta offers participants a unique opportunity to put theory into practice, to work to learn, and learn to work in the real world, make contacts and improve their prospects for future jobs.

social activities & excursions

No Internship experience is complete without personal growth. Life in Malta is vibrant and rich. The country is always alive with leisure activities, festivals and events, offering participants networking opportunities beyond the work environment.
What better way to explore the Maltese Islands during your free time? ZEAL offers excursions and cultural activities to the Islands’ most attractive and popular parts of the Island. The tours are also a way to appreciate the local heritage and Malta’s best kept secrets!