Education & training

Zeal Internships in Malta is an Intermediary Organisation that represents European Higher Education Institutions and Organisations benefiting from EU grants for Mobility Programs such as Erasmu Plus, a one-stop-solution including sourcing of a suitable work placement in line with the participant’s line of studies and career development. The aim of this programme is to give participants the opportunity to work to learn, and learn to work.


ZEAL provides the participant a professional work placement in the industry and sector desired in accordance with his/her line of studies. We do this by first understanding the participant’s requirements and desired learning outcomes, hence be able to match the participant to the company offering the most suitable work placement.



ZEAL’s remit does not stop at the sourcing of the work placement but continues to follow up with both the participant and the mentor on a weekly basis throughout the internship period. The mentor within the host company would be the person who would train, monitor and evaluate the participant’s work, performance and development.