ERASMUS + program

Zeal Internships Malta is engaged for many years with Erasmus +, schools, and some sending organizations like “…”.

But what is Erasmus +? 

Erasmus + is the EU’s program to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe.

It is budget of 14.7e billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.

For nearly 30 years the EU has funded the Erasmus program, which has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organization in Europe.

The aim is to contribute to the Europe strategy for growth, jobs, social equity, and inclusion, as well as the aims of the EU’s strategic framework for education and training.

It is interesting, but how they can help me? 

They provide you a stock exchange between two and twelve months according to your project, region, and study cycle!

So, you can:

– Realize an internship in an English-speaking country like Malta to validate your school curriculum and at the same time improve your skills.

– Develop your professional & intercultural competencies, besides, you can polish your English after your studies.

– Or have professional retraining in the appropriate sector.

Moreover, at the end of your experience, you will have a European mobility certificate.

So, it is only for students or young people?

No, since 2020, Erasmus + has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals (teachers, staff, volunteers, etc..) and organizations.